Welcome to my Blog.

Hi, My name is Art.

I’m a Christian, a father, a husband and a son.  I have created this blog in an effort to talk about these relationships and to reach out to people who may need a word of encouragement in these areas.  I look forward to being all the help I can be.

I intend to post a new blog entry at least once a week (probably on the weekend) but I may adjust the frequency after I get a feel for it.

I will always be looking for ways to improve the blog and increase the value of the content.

I am looking forward to connecting with you!


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2 Responses to Welcome to my Blog.

  1. Enola Nussmeyer says:

    Hi Art,

    I am so looking forward to reading your post. I am a friend of your Mother-In-Law and she highly recommended your Blog to me. From what I have seen so far, you are doing a fantastic job writing very interesting material to read. Looking forward to more to come.

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