See it to be it.

Often when working on a big project, it’s helpful to “Flip the script”.  By flipping the script, I mean to begin with the end in mind.  You establish where you want to go, and then work backwards from there to determine the steps it will take to get you there.

Amerah Shabazz-Bridges, writing about the struggle of the women in her family, said that from generation to generation they “did better when they learned better”.  Ignorance isn’t a bad word, it just means that you don’t know.  When it comes to manhood, if we are ignorant of what a good man is, we probably won’t ever become one.

Keith Moore points out that God has designed us in a specific way so that we become what we behold (see Romans 12:1-2). If young men don’t see quality examples in front of them, they will not know what a quality man looks like, and can’t become it. If they don’t know it exists, they can’t even hunger for it. Seeing is always a prerequisite for changing. That’s why God used the stars and the sand as visual aids when communicating with Abram.

In your own life, this flows both ways.  You need to be all the example you can be, while at the same time, continually looking to the things that will strengthen your own vision.

If you can see it, you can be it.